REFRAKTAL - “√∞^3” NFT mint closing on 12/21/23 (Winter Solstice)

The latest album from REFRAKTAL, titled “√∞^3,” has officially been released as an extremely rare collectible NFT, exclusively on RECORDSTORE.NEWM.IO!!  There will only ever be 111 copies available on a first come, first serve basis starting as of 6/21/23 (Summer Soltice) and ending on 12/21/23 (Winter Solstice).

Fans are encouraged to purchase their copy early on, as the price will continually increase roughly every week until September.  Any unsold copies will remain un-minted, thus increasing the scarcity of this collectible item, which can be resold at any time for whatever price you wish, with an 11% royalty fee going back to the band. 

You can purchase the album using credit card, Cardano, Ethereum or Solana currencies but the NFT itself MUST be sent to a CARDANO (ADA) wallet so please make sure that you have one installed before purchase (there are many great wallets available, e.g. Nami, Eternl, Flint, Gero, Lace, etc). If you decide to pay using ADA, please make note that an additional 2 ADA will be sent along with transaction, BUT you will receive the 2 ADA back upon delivery. This is done to prevent spam attacks on the Cardano network.  See flyer below for schedule and instructions on how to receive a discount on your purchase!!

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