Refraktal - Bellywub VIDEO NFT

New release from Refraktal premieres on Ergo Auction House v2 as a VIDEO NFT today!!  Bellywub video features our favorite furry friends, Neo & Wooshy, as Luna Dog & Comet!!  Place your bid before the year ends for your chance to be the sole owner of this piece of Refraktal and Ergo history!!



The Human Body at Peace with Itself


The human body, at peace with itself,

Is more precious than the rarest gem.

Cherish your body - it is yours this time only.

The human form is won with difficulty,

It is easy to lose.

All worldly things are brief,

Like lightning in the sky;

This life you must know

As the tiny splash of a raindrop;

A thing of beauty that disappears

Even as it comes into being.

Therefore set your goal;

Make use of every day and night

To achieve it.

- Tsongkhapa

from: ‘Readings From The Refuge Tree of the Western Buddhist Order

- compiled and edited by Lokabandhu and Cittapala

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